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Come stay in the beautiful Byron Shire Northern NSW while you learn woodwork over 4 days! Accommodation nearby from $75 per night (I can email you a list)


THURS TO SUNDAY- 9.30am-3.30pm



24th - 27th Two places left! $50 off!


3rd-4th          Maleny Wood Expo -see you there!

8th - 11th

16th - 18th    Brisbane Woodworking Show. see you there!


29th- 1st June


6th-9th           Queens Birthday (Fri-Mon)








31st (July) - 3rd


21st -24th







No classes Oct-Dec 2014

BASIC FURNITURE MAKING WORKSHOPS are for complete beginners or those who have had a go but are interested in learning those finer points and tricks of the trade to join wood.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Learn how to confidently use power and hand tools (and what to look for when buying tools) including try square, chisel and mallet, tenon saw, marking gauge, hammer, jigsaw, sander, sliding compound saw, triton table saw and bandsaw in a supportive environment. By the end of the course you will have  designed, produced a Cutting List and built your own creation and learnt three traditional woodworking joints -the basis of furniture making. You will have learned about wood, how to choose it and what to buy. My aim is to teach you the fundamentals so you can become independent at home and go on make your own projects of your own design. (See Facebook page)

COST: $450 inclusive of everything- tools, materials and notes and morning tea. Just bring your lunch. (9.30am to 3.30pm each day.)

GIFT VOUCHERS- $450 - available. Valid for one year.

FAST FURNITURE workshops - call Patt for dates.

On this new 4 day course, learn how to build almost ANYTHING using just a drop saw, a drill and a sander. Thats it! simple, fast, lasting and strong. All welcome so partners can come too.

Please call for dates and  bookings 0266843160

ABOUT ME I have been a passionate teacher for over 18 years from my home/workshop in Mullumbimby, northern NSW and have taught over 1000 women the basics of furniture making. Mostly what I love to do, is to inspire women (and men and children) to pick up tools and create their own designs with just a few bits of simple information in the form of a 4 days Beginners workshop in a friendly, small and safe environment.


Thanks to Patt Gregory's extraordinary teaching style, I've discovered the carpenter within - and the confidence to tackle any project at home!

Dr Diana Sweeney, BSocSc, PhD

NOTE on some workshops, men are also welcome, including partners, dads and daughters -

OR CHOOSE YOUR OWN DATES - If these days or dates don't suit, gather together 3 other friends, partners or neighbours and offer your dates to Patt.

ALSO CHECK OUT NEW 150 min DVD of instructions Available now for the pre-launch cost of just $20. Watch a sample- Hammering and Nailing segment http://vimeo.com/18575631-

WOODWORK FOR WOMEN BOOK Hard cover RRP $39.95 discounted to $35 plus $10 postage. See below how to pay....

I wrote and published my book, Woodwork for Women - Cutting a New Path for Beginners and produced a 150min DVD of techniques to compliment it and have sold over 1000 copies. I write woodworking articles for Grass Roots magazine, Owner Builder and Australian Wood Review about Women and Power tools and tips of the trade etc.



Woodwork for Women Book

Woodwork for Women - Cutting a New Path for Beginners was launched at the Byron Bay Writers Fesitval on Sunday the 8th of August 2010.  What a great success! Artist/Sculptor John Dahlson launched the new book to an audience of about 100 guests, including the Mayor of Byron Bay, Jan Barham. Read INTRODUCTION of the book -under 'Books' banner.

LIMITED OFFER You can obtain your copy of  Woodwork for Women - Cutting a New Path for Beginners RRP $39.95 for discounted price of $35  plus $10 postage - in the following ways:

To  arrange to pay by:

INTERNET TRANSFER OR MONEY ORDER you can either call Patt on 0266843160 or email me through this website under the 'Book order' banner on the top left corner of this page.


Also available in these bookshops: Byron Bay - NSW, Mary Ryan Bookshop, 0266858138   Mullumbimby Bookshop, 0266841413 New Outlets! The Timber Slab Factory, Jubilee Ave Mullumbimby 66843661Carba-tec, Brisbane 1800658111 Carba-tec, Melbourne 1800658111 The Good Book Club - Earth Garden Magazine.


ISBN NO. 9780980796308


The JUNE 2012 issue of Owner Builder has  4 pages of review and extracts from my Woodwork for Women book.


There is a 3 page article about Women and Power Tools and the course held at Woodwork for Women in the JUNE/JULY 2012 issue.


In the May 2011 No. 71 copy of AWR I am featured winning the national 'MY SHED" competition. I cant tell you how thrilled I was. And the prize was an awesome panel saw from Carbatec, Brisbane!

In the August 2011 No. 72 AWR copy, editor, Linda Nathan wrote a two page article on page 40 about my 'grass roots ' approach to woodwork. On page 80 of the same issue, I wrote a three page article 'Getting Started in Woodwork on a Budget.' Im very keen for people to know you can begin woodwork with just a few simple tools. I can tell you what you can get away with cheaply (eg a tape measure) and what you cant compromise on! (eg. a chisel).



Brisbane Timber Show

The Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show 2011 was a treat as usual. The  beautiful woods available were alluring as were the tools and I saw a steady stream of satisfied customers with their successful buys tucked under their arms!  I met some wonderful and friendly people while I was  promoting my book Woodwork for Women - Cutting a New Path for Beginnerson the Carba-tec stand and chatted to people about their experiences doing woodwork. ~ Patt Gregory.



Whats On


Woodwork for Women book

Cutting a New Path for Beginners - Learn and share with other women the charm of working with wood. For the complete beginner or if you have had a go but would like to know the finer points. Click on Books for more information and  order your copy on the main menu.

Timber and Working with Wood Shows around Australia

Woodwork for Women were generously sponsored by the organizers of the show EEE and tool company Carba Tec to represent women at the Timber and Working with Wood Shows around Australia in 2010.

I have been demonstrating basic woodwork and encouraging women (children and men) to join me and have a go at learning the finer points of hand sawing and chiselling and also showing  how I built a beautiful Victorian Ash coffee table from a discarded pallet.


japanese pi mag water filter (portable) for home or workshop. Turn ordinary tap water into exceptionally tasting, energetic, clean water. Email Patt for further details.


Tools Jools


tool jools – solid silver hand made jewellery of miniature trade tools for the carpenter, woodworker, plumber, mechanic.

Woodwork for Women presents Tool Jools -
solid silver handmade pieces by Naomi Boyle Gold and Silversmith.

Contact her on 0431374767 or email her This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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